November 2018, wrote this for my other site My World, Your World, One World


We are celebrating, huh,centenaries-clipart-1918-armistice-2
Commemorating, remembering,
Marking a day one hundred years ago
With songs and poetry.
Even lunch, Sandwiches and soup to come.
Keep warm while we walk and talk,
Able to walk and talk.

Afraid to name the shame
That in this hundred years,
there has been No Armistice, No cease,
No space to cry disgrace,
No Peace. This day remembers war,
And those who joined to take a part.
They fought, not peaceful.100

Crying sorrow, mourning loss,
People praise brave patriotic warriors
with words like honor and respect.
The greater loss lies hidden
to speak of it forbidden because they went to war,
and so more follow, armistice broken,
crying voices silenced. Dead.

To grieve those graves
I have to break with honor
Own the shame of conflict.
Let pity stir, listen
Hear the voices call,
no, not now, not again,
Not in My Name.




I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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