Ghost in a White Dress

Hurray for Molly who has re-started the writers group. We met last night and one of the prompts – a line from opening a book: “Imperceptibly the world became haunted by her white dress”

Ghost in a White Dress

Ghost living here knows how egg yolk and coffee drops drip.
She wears a scarf, delicately ingeniously twisted
in casual arrangement, display of sophistication
elegant poised stillness, sophistry covers reality, paralysis.
Threatening thoughts trip and slip.

Possessed in a dress with the ooh and aaah
Shop assistant sly smile warm eyes casual stranger
Shopper passing with a Wow that’s you
Hemmed in a mirrored world, haunted, visible
This person wears white.

This person flowing draped covering unseen promises
Listened to a shop-girl and a passing stranger
Thought I will be that kind of person
Just once. Just now. Just a while. Wow.
This person here. In a white dress.



I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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