Why don’t you just go home now?

The title is a prompt from Lisa Starr’s “Mad With Yellow”.

Why don’t you just go home now?

That has to be a silent thought and it is horrible to remember that it was in my head just immediately when an unexpected visitor dropped in just after I had put food in the oven I wondered if there would have been another time when the visit would have been welcome I doubt it but at least at other times I might have been spared the popping into mind repetition for the whole half-hour of exchange.

I regret to say that although I did not speak it I doubt I controlled the non-verbals very well. It is hard to get a grip on those without a mindset transplant. They are not offered on any plan I know of. That person dropping in makes mean me and not the necessary pre-prepared me. Unsolved resolved hurts drop in for attention. I can’t get interested in subjugation necessary for civility.

This makes me wonder about politics where several elections in different countries have brought surprising results. Could the end of career pre-prepared politicians be happening? Public Relations groomed clotheshorses offering banalities OK generalities papering the inequalities and realities of us. Why don’t you just go home?


I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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