she thinks I trust too much

Hurray for Jane who has started up the ‘writers’ group again – open a book – read a phrase and write for 8 minutes. 3 offerings from an hour yesterday evening [the titles are the prompts, and they all came from Lisa Starr’s “Mad With Yellow”.]

1.she thinks I trust too much

Who is she
to speak of this?
As if to trust had failed.
Not once, but often,
taking the risk along a different road
from hers.

I listen.
The birds chitter
drop summered wings
to the feeder. Knowing
they need to fatten well before winter comes
once more.

What’s trust
If not a stepping out
into life and love beyond
the fear of stopping?
I want to answer, tell her, shake her, wake her.
Not kind.

I think
Quiet. she fears too much.
I hear myself, tell myself,
Is it me who speaks? Too much of much.
Listen now.


I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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