Grey Day Framed in Gold

Written at Block Island Poetry Project – inspired by Joe Heithaus workshop where we had to lay a paper frame down… somewhere… then simply describe what was inside… for twenty minutes. He had previously read an unbelievably lovely poem, translated from chinese, Lei Shuyan’s Creation.

After that, he said “get outside your frame now and write whatever you please”. You can see that I have borrowed from Lei Shuyan or his translator.

Grey Day Framed in Gold

Where no beauty exists
Grass beyond grey green lichen
Words and scribbled grey lines
Frame a grey day.

Shadowed edge lays
Quiet on a layer. One shone speck
visible on plastic nothingness
A corner of dark mystery.

There lies the grey of a book cover
Covering unseen unknown thoughts
Found words, evocations
Force eyes forward out of mind.

Feet move sideways
The six of up, down, sideways,
mahogany, turquoise, window light sheen
marches on once white paper.

The golden mean makes magic
marking again
This world of wonder
Walking through the fissures of the brain.


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