Someday love

I met Jane, and Christine Chu, on Poetry 201. Now Christine has asked me to share my thoughts on “Love” with an axiom of ten lines, using four words in each sentence and each sentence to include the word “love”, and to give my favourite quote on love.

I feel an expectation.

Someday love

Love crosses swords
with love’s crazy words
Love’s duck in tennis.
Love to play cards
Get love in luck
Be unlucky in love.
Love your attention
Love you to mention
Let love be an action
The word’s just a fraction.

I do not have a favorite quote, too many to count on this subject. The following is the last verse of Mary Oliver’s “Someday”

Oh, love lay your hands on me again.
Some of the fruit ripens and is picked and is delicious.
Some of it falls and the ants are delighted.
Some of it hides under the snow and the famished deer are saved.


3 thoughts on “Someday love

  1. Those first two lines – excellent – and the closing one…
    I would have nominated you, but I thought you may not want to do it. that’s more about me than you.18 months ago I would have dispised such an excercise, but I’ve learned a few things since then.


  2. I usually do not do any of this kind of thing either. I confess the first reaction was No and then as I got the coffee on there was stupid stuff in my head like love is the same as duck and who gives a fXXk, so I thought I had better be a bit more responsive or I would be doing that all day. Someday I will become a nice person. In the meantime I do not let her out much. So maybe I can learn a thing or two also.

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