Writing 201: Day 9 prompt, form and device are – Landscape, Found Poem, Enumeratio (that seems sort of latin for ‘list’)

Found poem is using words that have been “found” – the suggestion was cutting up a newspaper or magazine. I was reminded of when the children were small and we had lots of magnetic words that stuck on the fridge. Then one week my niece came to visit and every day we had a poem on the fridge. I loved them, but can’t remember any of them!! [Claire – can you?]

However, I no longer have the word magnets anywhere, and I am temporarily not in my own house. Though there are lots of magazines I don’t feel I can cut them up.

Did my best. Took Third magazine from pile. Took third word on every third page. Used each word that I found only once. Used them all. Result!!

My magazine

My magazine


Daniel watches firefighter Martin dispatch fresh cookies
Wilder and Klein,
best host house masters
issue pot,
its large bowl,
creme de la creme pudding,
drink can,
and pot.

Bon appetit, Right?

First Navigator Lovers
time their youth wave
Spring shopping.


Actually I lied – I added “bananas”. It was not in my list. Just felt like it.

And I failed miserably on “landscape”. Should have picked National Geographic instead of Bon Appetit. (Those words were on separate pages in the finding).

I was going to put a picture of a landscape, then found this seascape that is so wonderful I thought I would offer it instead. It is from That surf is freezing!



5 thoughts on “Bananas

  1. How did you do that! I’m really impressed, but it’s hard to write when I’m laughing so much about the bananas! You are a genious of comedy. I mean it. – you have me in hysterics. I haven’t laughed so much in ages!
    Bananas! Thank you for this bit of (in)sanity.


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