Poetry 201: Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme

When Trust Has Value

Fear, for what it’s worth
Eventually I realise
All is not lost
Relatively speaking.
Trust seems harmless, even warm
Right. A good way to go
Under the umbrella of another
Safe and sound
Trusting, open to possibilities.

I waltz into the world
Taking niceness, talking schmaltz,
Immune to fear or falling
Slipping not on icy ground.
Alas as once poor Yorick found
Rude awakenings abound
Indeed if life were easy peasy
Simple trust is almost sleasy.
Kicks and brickbats, sticks and stones –

Trust is for the dreaded zones
Afar from warmth and love and light
Kindred spirits out of sight
Even if the way has danger
Risk seems lonesome. Every stranger
Is a monstrous ogre waiting,
Salivating. A trusty world is not a right.
Kindness give, defeat the flight.
See then I’ve earned my trust.

Fear Trust. It Is A Risk. Take Risks.


5 thoughts on “Poetry 201: Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme

  1. Quite – though I do get that acceptance and adaptation can feel threatening. Its as if they have not learned that living itself keeps on going and your place in the world gets stronger


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