This week Sidey’s theme is: How something appears is always a matter of perspective and it led me to a variety of different kinds of thinking, including this schoolgirl minded poem, which arrived in my mind after taking the photo of rushes and sky.


If I were a musk rat
Then every day I'd see
Blue sky and tall stalks
waving over me.
Keeping me hidden
Giving me joy
To live and keep safe from people and noise.

If I were a deer
Every day I would walk
Between the tall stalks
beyond the road fork.
I fear very little
Save little food here
Too many cousins, too many deer.

If I were a girl
Just starting my life,
Rushing to grow,
I wouldn't take time 
to think of the rushes
the musk rats the deer. 
What do they know? I'm not a girl

So many views, just good to be here.

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