Returning after absence

I was a founder member of this organisation (Scottish Association for Psychodynamic Counselling) and it and the people in it have been of considerable importance to me. As I have often been away from Scotland in recent years, I have not attended the meetings, until last weekend. This was written while awaiting the speaker (and it is not completely accurate, I did know some other attendees, but not many.)

Thoughts on returning to an SAPC meeting

Feelings of ancientness
As if Buddha
had landed nearby
Saying Hi
You are welcome
As it is lonely here.

Having been reflective,
forty years 
in the growth and development
one develops
pretty practical philosophy.

So where am I?
with those feelings
having been here before.
Still eager, still
Waiting for enlightenment.
Attending a meeting
of which I was a founder member
knowing no-one.

I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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