For Jacintha

To Jacintha

[Having no idea if this represents her world, just saying we all need dreams]



Dear God

Someone is pregnant

and someone on the other side of this multi-gravid world

thinks that is wonderful

or no, thinks it is wonderful


To tweet, twitter, witter on

in a way which will advance

some personal goal for media driven fame.





As if a pregnancy

a suffering one at that

was universally interesting beyond

the body of its inception

and did not matter in an individual way

to a father-to-be or his grandmother

admittedly a woman

rather widely known

in a figurehead, newsrounded

magazine glossed sort of way.





Hence the deception

A sting which took two.

Perpetrators scammed, offered coin from their own realm

Snaring the victim, joyous, overjoyed

Shared attention to a myth

I have been good enough, lucky enough, princess enough

to win this lottery, be given this chance

that this person adored from afar

has indeed come near momentarily

wanting to hear good news

She is talking to me to me

I swallow,




And then, the consequence

This is the queen’s hospital

Working here I dream one day I’d see the queen.

Maybe know her under the cover

Fucking stories in the magazine,

this is the genuine bedside scene.

Backing through the sequence

Australian laughter, republican scorn,

not to mention administrative support

who do not blame for doing wrong

who do not know the dream has gone

half-heard half understood and torn

My competence forgotten





To a media storm of incredulity

twittering, wittering internet, my face on facebook

Alimentary elementary commentary comedy

as if the whole world cannot conceive

that I believed

I talked to the queen.

I no longer have a dream.

I no longer seem






2 thoughts on “For Jacintha

  1. I don’t do ‘likes’ I comment. Though events of late, are disturbing, there has been and will always be those that leave us questioning whether good ‘sense’ has vanished. Good for you, for barking back. I bark back now, though I did not at one time. Barking I have found has more bite than fangs.


    • I appreciate your comments very much – and your posts too, which may not be every day, but there is a feeling of someone out there listening and thinking about what he hears. I do not really think there is no ‘sense’ around, I think I see that sometimes I throw a phrase at a blog somehow, maybe attention seeking, or don’t know how to finish it, as I have lots more to do besides sitting at a computer. Do enjoy that though… thanks for comments.


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