Twenty Years On

I wrote “Twenty Years on ” a few weeks ago. Go to “view original post” to read the poem. On Sunday my Aunt Betty died, the last of my mother’s family, the last of my parents’ generation. My thoughts are with Valerie, my cousin. There is poetry here somewhere, remembering a large family who were always a part of my life, even if the poem is of the next generation.

My World, Your World, One World

Reading Speccy’s post about mothers, teeth, death and all that (and thanks to her for the way she has offered up my poem) has had me remembering all today that October 2012 is the twenty year anniversary of when my father died. My mother had died just six weeks before, her heart stopped, while Dad was in hospital. Then he died, he just stopped.

What with all the worries and other stuff going on, that October in 1992, feels like when mourning started for both of them – sometimes one, then the other, sometimes together. Just like they were for the last few years in and out of the hospitals, worrying about each other, and us, their three daughters, Darby and Joan style. Born 1909, met age 13, had on-off friendship through their 20’s, married in 1941, had three daughters, they were each 83 years old when they died.


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