I feel a soft wind blow

Living on Block Island means one is often alone and without many of the distractions which city life or busy life offers to help me imagine I am not separate from others, many particular others. I wrote the poem below sitting on the beach a few weeks ago [before Hurricane Sandy forever altered that beach and showed us a different sort of wind!] and last night the newly begun new Block Island Writers Group helped me cut out a lot of the extra writing, to leave only this.

I feel a soft wind blow

Would I prefer
dreaming a timeless world?
Forever connected?
Whether I would or no
I live. Separate.
I feel a soft wind blow
hear the wavelets creep to shore
see the sands shift
grain by grain.
I watch the glass fill.
Timebound, homebound, earthbound.
I will not live this now again.
Now, present, full.

I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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