Creatvity in waiting: Collecting Rocks

Rocks at Trebarwith Caves


Talking with friends about a variety of creative writing, and how, etc. My own best trick is ‘just do something’ which involves pencil on paper [or tapping keyboard]. Not too sure that offers success!

Collecting Rocks

Creative Writing
Devices required
for psychologically uplifting
From coffee, couch and cheating creature comforts

Devices dumb
become recitations,
meaningless shelving of sense
Concrete secrets somewhere in the realm of absurd

Substance cynical
Presents stones
Granite hard as bones to write about
As if
Not-seeing never-knowing eyes could view their world

Granite history
Mind can mine
Out the education tumbles
Hear it
hoping surface crusts will crumble and reveal the layers bared

History taught
is just a story
of creatures caught, striations laid
Not near the soul where real and dreaming merge and match

Stone stories
wait in silence
Creation trapped by vice of ought.
them in water’s sheen, sideways, sun-glitters glance in every rock

May 2012, trying to write, does not come easily.


2 thoughts on “Creatvity in waiting: Collecting Rocks

    • Thanks – I had forgotten I wrote that one a while ago, I have not been in write mode lately so its a good reminder – Now I will have another look towards yours also


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