Tora Bora

Inspired by a film review from Reem Saleh

And that was inspired by blogging – so much heart and soul out there in the virtual zone – lets have more of it in the planning and politics in our real spaces. I am supposing everyone this century has heard of this place. If you have not try here for a 21st century view. I want to know where to find the ‘other’ view, what this place was before Russia and USA and Al Qaeda and Taliban brought it to the vision of the wider world. Is the other place still there?

Tora Bora

Tora Bora

Has got to be

A name that starts a poem

But the more I write these lines

The longer and longer they become

Until my head is spinning with seeking

And my hands are heavier with the feel of arms

And my heart is aching for mountain and people and peace

Release us from a burden of terror the rest of the world will not suffer to own.

Love lost

We live



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