Become a Stranger

Become a stranger

Shadow-self and Footprints


Footprints in the sand

Must have been made

Before the tide rose

Must have been made before the wind blew

To fill them with soft sand

Breezed from higher

To lower

To tell the passage of

Another person

Sometime in this place


In the grains of sand

Lie a hundred stories

From times beginning

From trees forests

Walkers lives now destined

Only from imagination

This stranger’s contemplation


Become a stranger in my own world

Go far away and then return

In space and time or dream

Fell a difference

Force itself upon my eye

Which now must learn to look

Again. And then reminder

To listen, feel , wait

Without the memory or desire.


And there it comes

The smell of sea

Born again

Borne on the wind

Wound lazily over the dune

Deep glister and dark stone

Footprints. Not alone.

But living. New. Now.


 April 2012 at Block Island











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