Do not forget me

Alone in a wild place, I was thinking of my mother, who died in 1992, and I found myself thinking about what it might have been like when I was born. So this is for my mother, and her love.



that if I am lost

or when I die

In fact not only

will no-one know

that I have gone

and I am not.


There. There.


Here, where I am

or There

Where you might love me.


Did I die before?

Or is it just

that I cannot remember

what I saw

when I arrived



Your shock and great distress



you saw me, this one,

quite a mess

not the one you dreamed of.


She, maybe he, never was

you pulled yourself in place

I saw you learning love

I saw you being brave

the lost one hid forever

behind your face.


Was I not there, then,

when you lost that love?

I am here.

And I am seeking. Not lost

Forever bound to hope.

One day you will love me.


2 thoughts on “Do not forget me

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