Eye Witness

This is for all those times you were in a hurry and then dropped the egg on the floor, or, the phone fell out of your breast-pocket into the bath as you bent over to take out the kid. Also for all the unexpected accidents, trivial and severe, the dropped kitchen knife, the motorway pile-up. But most of all for those who happened to be there… Omagh, 9/11, that street in Gaza or Kabul, or anywhere that the something happened. Or … death… it will happen. Existence is.

On being an Eye Witness

Eye witness
without consent to be a part of this scene
I did not ask
and yet I am now here
which is not the place where I was coming.

So, I didn’t know.

So, what has know to do
with living,
seeing, feeling, taking in this world?

Not a lot.

So what is know?
Unexpected witness perhaps.
Truth and apprehension.


I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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