Written in 2009, but now I am living in Shanghai I am reminded daily.


In the night city

lights brighten orange

hide the starlit skies.

Tall houses loom up

filled with people, families

crowds of loneliness.

Cross concrete roadways

Careful! Cars own these places

not made for walking.

Rivers once forded

Now bridged unseen by people

Opening umbrellas.

Noise never sleeping

Eyes and ears watchful, smiling,

City children learn fast.

In long thin gardens

Trees stretch to a fractional sun

Unexpected, the fox runs.

Cities belong to their country

Not to any one person there.

Cities belong to their country,

Though they have robbed it

Of space to see sky,

Of dark to see starlight,

Of soil to grow grass.

Cities carpet their country

With concrete and crowds.

GZpedestrian Street

Guangzhou ShangXia jie - a pedestrian street


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