Phone Call over the Atlantic

phone call early 2000, written April 2009

Mom, How are you, are you well
I have something to tell you
It might be unexpected.

What is this voice of hope and trepidation
I have not heard before?
But I hear something,
I am joyous, my heart bouncing already
And he says’Wendy’s pregnant’.
And then I am over the moon.

Happy, saying I am over the moon
before I remember he said unexpected
Round me I try to focus on the February day
The phone in my hand
the sofa I’m sitting on
the rain dripping down the Edinburgh window
Trying to stop my joy leaping and flying
So I can listen to what he is saying.

But we are talking together,
Me ‘is it Ok?’ ‘did you mean to?’ is Wendy well?’
Him ‘we’re so happy, didn’t know how you’d take it
Me ‘Well now you know’ and words
spill over the long long miles
joy and laughter leaping
till the ocean disappears
under our torrent of joy.

Oh love for once feeling and saying
the exact right thing together
with my distant son, his Wendy
and that fine beginning
to knowing my first grandchild.


I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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