Sad Child

Sad Child, Listen


I am sad.
Do you not want healing?
You might know
it was not the other
did the killing
made life absent.

Do not walk away
I see your back
when you do that.
You turn away
your unseeing.
I hear you whine
Why am I alone?
I listen.

It’s not fair you moan.
Well what did you expect
to be born a clone
an anyone?
Not fair shows difference
my lovely
loving hurting healing
Listen to me.

Will I die soon?
I do not know what is soon
Soon for feeling sad
or mad or glad
Soon for you
or soon for me
What kind of soon will it be
if you die before me?
Make time, listen.

There is death
and degeneration
deep in the earth’s bone.
Known, no mystery.
We can be sad
for Death, not bad.
Take time together.
We listen.


I would like to hear what you think of this. Please tell me

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