Mother smiled

Shortly before she died
My mother’s dental plate cracked
And she had to wear
an older pair.
At least for eating
for she would not
go out
in case she smiled.
And then she died.

My sister said
she wouldn’t be seen dead
in those teeth.
So I drove all the way to town
pleaded with the dentist
who hurried up the new set
so my mum
could look good
at her funeral.

We sisters knew
Mum would be happy
with a good fit,
easy to talk or eat,
no shame on the last long walk
with smiling teeth.
We also smiled and laughed.
Tried hard to cheat
the bite of grief.


5 thoughts on “Mother smiled

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    • Thanks for this – I found writing poetry almost by accident and love it. It is good to hear what others think. I really like yours – mine and other bits – I’ll keep looking.


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