to Martha Harris

With gratitude to Martha Harris who was leader of the child psychotherapy training course at Tavistock Clinic, London, and the many others since met because of one meeting with her.  I met her socially about 1969, very briefly. She died tragically after an accident a few years later.  In July 2009 I tried to tell a friend how even a brief encounter can make real difference in this troubled world.

Young, untried
Covered in imagination
And a view of life
Mirrored in reflections from
Mother-father world
Book borrowings
Sister stories
Teacher talks
A view with faulty diffractions

Even unaware it was a view
Quite unaware of anyone
but fantasy of you.
At your student party
One of the teachers
Had the time
To greet me,
Meet me,
With something
Greater than friendliness

What she had
I did not know
But I did know
I had met someone
Who had what I wanted.
The unseen door opened
I stepped in
to take
this grace I wanted.

Fell into rooms of infinite dimension,
Illusions dancing with invention,
Awareness of the dance of life,
Of chance and choice
Behind, above, below, beyond
The mirrors.
Real people live. Like me,
In endless never-ending strife
with wants
We want.

Now I know
She had the grace
of ego resting.
In her face I saw
that I could be. Just be.
Grace is not something that we take.
It lives with take resisted
Beside the strength of

For a real muddled world
and a woman never met again.
Who wanted me.
To wake.

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