Stop the Trains

A story of the onset of a manic psychosis


That day, he said,
It was time
to stop the trains.
He walked the line
Between the stations
To stop the trains

He held out his arms
Spread his legs wide
Listened for the line to hum
The train would come
And screech and stop
He said, I’m on the line.

That day, he said
I’m waiting. Come.
There is no train,
There is no hum,
Where are the trains?
I want to stop the trains.

Back to the station,
Walk along the line
Climb on a roof,
Scream. I’ll stop the trains,
Where are the trains?
There are no trains.

He said I wrote a play
a screen play, a film,
I was the play, scream play
The film I wrote, wrote me.
I scream to the trains.
Come, Come. I’ll stop the trains.

Next day he said
I heard them say
There were no trains.
They said
There is a driver’s strike
There are no trains.

There were no trains.
And every day,
Every day, I say
Someone struck for me
that day.
There were no trains.


One thought on “Stop the Trains

  1. I like this one. Well, possibly ‘like’ isn’t probably the word I should use? But I did think it was excellent.


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